Our Purpose

Le Petit Jardin & Co. is an Austin, Texas-based fragrance startup company with a mission to spread the love for humanity and promote environmental sustainability.  When you purchase our Le Petit Jardin & Co. product, you are helping us spread our mission.  Some say that so-called “conscious consumerism” is good for our planet.  Others see it as just a way to assuage our overconsuming consciences.  We do not take any side, but simply craft environmentally responsible products & packaging that are good for the planet.

-We increased the fragrance strength to 30%, doubling the industry’s average (5%-15%) to mitigate the overconsumption of products.
-Rather than plastic packaging, we used a kraft tube which can be repurposed.
-Real preserved flowers were chosen over artificial plastic flowers.
-Our amber apothecary jar can be upcycled for decoration purposes after use.

We did all the work for you so all we ask for you is to just enjoy our product and a portion of net profits will be donated to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation for the year 2021.

Crafting a line of fragrance isn’t our ultimate goal, but crafting a world where we can all emit positive fragrance is.

So please enjoy our sincere gift with your loved ones.  






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